Gobstopper Day - September 14
Thu, Sep 14, 2023

Gobstopper Day

Gobstopper Day is dedicated to children’s sweets. They are a kind of lollipop, which are made using a special technology. Adults and children liked these sweets so much, it was decided to dedicate one day a year to them – September 14th.


Similar sweets appeared on the two American continents and in England in the 20th century. Back then, they were called the Jawbreakers. This name was explained by their hardness – in order not to damage your teeth, you had to suck the sweets.

The popularity of sweets was brought by Roald Dahl’s story about a chocolate factory, which described sweets that could change color and taste. In 1976, the production of gobstoppers began. They consisted of several layers with different colors and tastes, which, dissolving in the mouth, replaced each other.

Making them takes a long time. Production takes place in large vats under constant heat. The manufacturing technology is as follows: new layers are gradually applied to the sugar ball core. Preference is given to natural dyes and flavors. The candy can even explode during production! The fact is the layers are applied at different speeds. Inside the layers remain liquid, and the outer ones solidify. Pressure drops occur that can cause the candy to burst.

Interesting facts

  • The candies range from 1 to 3 cm.
  • ‘Gob’ is Irish slang for a mouth. Therefore, the name of the sweets can be interpreted as ‘stopping the mouth’ – you cannot chew, because you can damage your teeth.
  • The production of gobstoppers takes several weeks.

How to take part

Gobstopper Day is a holiday for sugar candy lovers. This is a great occasion to enjoy these unusual lollipops. Invite your friends and compete to see who can fit the most candies in their mouths. But be careful not to damage your teeth!

Congratulate your friends on this holiday by putting gobstoppers in small presents and write a few nice words. Don’t forget to watch the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or read the original work that inspired these interesting lollipops.

When is Gobstopper Day celebrated in 2023?

Gobstopper Day is observed on September 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 14 2023
Saturday September 14 2024
Sunday September 14 2025
Monday September 14 2026