Frankenstein Day - August 30
Fri, Aug 30, 2024

Frankenstein Day

People usually celebrate Frankenstein Day willingly – this is an interesting holiday associated with the famous classic novel. It’s hard to believe that over 200 years have passed since the original Frankenstein story was first published. But the story turned out to be popular and tenacious – we see its echoes and motives in many works of popular culture, in the Halloween holiday, and even in our own souls.


Frankenstein Day is celebrated on the birthday of the creator of the famous monster, the English writer Mary Shelley, who was born on August 30th, 1797. In 1818, she published her magnificent novel, which became one of the key and iconic works of science fiction. The fate of the young scientist Victor Frankenstein, who, as a result of an experiment, created a monster from different parts of the human body and managed to revive his creation, still excites the imagination.

At the time of publication, the novel received mixed reviews. The female gender of the writer doomed her to difficulties in gaining recognition and respect from her male colleagues. But over time, “Frankenstein” received well-deserved recognition. Almost immediately after its publication, its plot became the property of other types of art – fantastic theatrical, opera, and musical shows began to appear. Then the time came for the popularity of cinema and TV, which added their own interpretations and embodiments of the novel. Some of these stories adhere to the literary source, while others add new semantic layers to it.

Interesting facts

In the 1930s, Frankenstein had cinematic “relatives” – the films “Bride of Frankenstein” and its sequel “Son of Frankenstein”.

How to take part

There are many ways to celebrate Frankenstein Day:

  • Reread or read the novel; it is relatively short. Even if you re-read it, the impressions will be fresh.
  • Watch screen adaptations.
  • Throw a costume party like Halloween, but with a Frankenstein theme. Family, friends, and especially children will be delighted if you think through the script! Organize a competition for the best monster costume from improvised materials and post photos on social networks!
  • Share quotes from the novel with your friends.

When is Frankenstein Day celebrated in 2024?

Frankenstein Day is observed on August 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday August 30 2024
Saturday August 30 2025
Sunday August 30 2026