Franchise Appreciation Day - September
Sat, Sep 2, 2023

Franchise Appreciation Day

Franchise Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the Saturday before Labor Day. In 2022, this day falls on September 3rd. The holiday was founded with one goal – to raise people’s awareness of franchises and how they can be supported. The information is especially useful for entrepreneurs who want to develop their business using franchising opportunities.


According to economists, the franchising model is recognized as the best; it is an ideal choice for both business and the client. Millions of people around the world start and successfully develop their business projects with the help of a franchise. It sounds strange, but this economic term appeared in the Middle Ages, when representatives of the church were granted a license to collect taxes, as well as maintain order. This is how the first franchises appeared, which gave the right to control the work of markets and to conduct entrepreneurial activities. Gradually, franchising firmly entered the system of European law.

Interesting Facts

  • The essence of franchising is to unite enterprises under a single name and logo in order to reduce the cost of resources and stimulate sales.
  • A franchise helps small entrepreneurs open businesses with a well-known brand and with a supply of necessary resources.
  • Franchise Appreciation Day encourages you to choose products presented by companies that use franchises.
  • The franchising business is developing rapidly – one is registered every 8 minutes.
  • There are more than 1500 franchises in America.

How to take part

If you are a buyer, be sure to look through the news of franchise companies – they offer exclusive discounts and promotional products. If you’re planning to grow your business, it is time to learn more about franchising so you can make wise, cost-effective decisions in the future. Should you already have an existing franchise business, promote it on social media.

When is Franchise Appreciation Day celebrated in 2023?

Franchise Appreciation Day is observed on the Saturday before Labor Day each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 2 2023
Saturday August 31 2024
Saturday August 30 2025
Saturday September 5 2026