Flip a Coin Day - June 1
Sat, Jun 1, 2024

Flip a Coin Day

Flip a Coin Day is a reminder of how difficult it can be to make the right decision without outside help. Heads or tails? – we ask ourselves. And the coin helps us choose between two options. Often such decisions are fateful.


The holiday’s origin is controversial. Some believe coin tossing has happened since ancient times, when superstitions played a big role in human life. It is also believed that the tradition originated from the drawing of lots in sports games. It is believed that people imitated famous personalities determining their fate by flipping a coin, or using a coin to determine which person, for example, would fly first – Wilbur or Orville Wright. There are many such situations and examples.

Such stories have provoked people to flip a coin when something needs to be decided. It is so easy to surrender to chance. Coins are tossed even in political circles. It is used when 2 candidates got the same number of votes, in order to break the draw. So it was decided to create Flip a Coin Day, as it very often determines the fate of people.

Interesting Facts

A coin doesn’t weigh pros and cons. It’s the will of fate.

  • Julius Caesar used the coin toss to make big decisions.
  • In 1684, the expression ‘Heads or tails?’ appeared.
  • If a coin is tossed 10 times in a row, most likely it will be Heads 5 times and Tails 5 times.
  • The most common question is ‘Should I change my job?’

How to take part

Flip a coin! Try to make an important decision this way. Have a mini coin toss tournament with your friends. Arrange a flash mob on social networks, post photos, videos, and use the hashtag #FlipCoinDay.

When is Flip a Coin Day celebrated in 2024?

Flip a Coin Day is observed on June 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 1 2024
Sunday June 1 2025