Feast of Saints Peter and Paul - June 29
Sat, Jun 29, 2024

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

An important event for the Christian diaspora is celebrated on June 29 – the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul for the glory of the Apostles of Jesus Christ.

The History

The holiday was established as the end of the fast, named in honor of the disciples of Jesus. There are two versions of its origin: the date of the death of the apostles and the period of the transfer of the holy bodies’ remains. The unspoken goal of the feast is to attract attention to the persecution of Christians and the infringement of religious freedom faced by believers in different countries.

Interesting Facts

Christian believers in the Orthodox tradition celebrate the event with a night church service.

  1. Orthodox Christians and Catholics attend Mass and consider this day to be free from work.
  2. In the Lutheran Church, the event is celebrated, but on a noticeably smaller scale, less brightly and solemnly.
  3. In countries where Catholicism is elevated to the status of an official religion, this day is a public holiday (Malta, Peru, and Switzerland).

This reconciles the secular and ecclesiastical authorities.

How to take part

Read the story of the two apostles. They had different characters and played bright different roles in the environment of Christ during his life and his time teaching. Both remained faithful to their teacher even after his death and Ascension. Visit the church; listen to hymns and a sermon.

When is Feast of Saints Peter and Paul celebrated in 2024?

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul is observed on June 29 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 29 2024
Sunday June 29 2025

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