Education Technology Day - September 23
Sat, Sep 23, 2023

Education Technology Day

Education Technology Day celebrates technology that makes learning easier. It is celebrated annually on September 23rd. Also on this day, thanks are given to professionals who are engaged in the development and implementation of these new technologies. According to statistics, students who use special devices show the best results.


The life of a modern person is filled with technology. It is crucial in almost everything we do. Teachers and students pay special attention to technology, as its use in the learning process helps to prepare the child for the digital world. Modern educational technologies have gone beyond laptops and computers. Today, these are online courses, interactive tablets, and robots.

Interesting Facts

  • In America, about 80% of students receive their education through online courses.
  • Access to a computer or laptop greatly facilitates the learning process and improves results.
  • Almost 20% of homework assignments are given by teachers using technology.
  • Gamification of the educational process improves results by almost 90%.
  • Nearly 60% of educators agree EdTech improves the effectiveness of education.

How to take part

Take the online course you’ve wanted to for a long time. Pay attention to educational games and offer the most interesting ones to your child. Share the online courses you have found on social networks.

When is Education Technology Day in 2023?

Education Technology Day is observed on September 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 23 2023
Monday September 23 2024
Tuesday September 23 2025
Wednesday September 23 2026