Eat a Red Apple Day - December 1
Fri, Dec 1, 2023

Eat a Red Apple Day

Eat A Red Apple Day is celebrated in America on December 1st. This special day is dedicated to all those who love apples and their unique taste! The most popular type of apple is the red one, which is known to be the sweetest and juiciest. But don’t worry, green apple fans – soon there may be a day just for you too!


Apples have a long and rich history. In America, they were first planted by Johnny Appleseed, a real-life American folk hero, in the 19th century. According to one of the legends, he sowed the grains everywhere so that no one would starve. He was a very poor man but was still able to make a difference.

In 1875, Peru, Iowa was home to a mysterious apple tree that no one had planted. After the fruit ripened, the farmer decided to take them to an exhibition in Missouri, and it was the best decision he ever made. The attendees were amazed by the vibrant color of the apples, and since then it’s difficult to imagine life without this delicious fruit.

Interesting facts

  • Researchers believe that apple trees were the first to be cultivated, around 6500 BC.
  • An apple tree planted in 1647 by Peter Stuyvesant in his own garden is still bearing fruit!
  • There are more than 1000 varieties of apples, and breeders are constantly working to increase this number.
  • Apples are 25% air – if you throw one into water, you’ll see it float!
  • Most of the nutrients are located in the peel, and red apples contain more pectin.

How to take part

Treat yourself to a delicious and fresh apple! Enjoy it by itself, or cook something special with it – there are so many recipes to choose from! Learn about different varieties of apples and pick the tastiest one. You can even throw a holiday party and have fun with your friends.

When is Eat a Red Apple Day celebrated in 2023?

Eat a Red Apple Day is observed on December 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday December 1 2023
Sunday December 1 2024
Monday December 1 2025
Tuesday December 1 2026