Eat a Hoagie Day - September 14
Wed, Sep 14, 2022

Eat a Hoagie Day

National Eat a Hoagie Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to eating Hoagie. Such an interesting name hides a kind of sandwich consisting of a long bun, inside of which vegetables, fried potatoes, ham and sauce are placed. The result is a huge and very tasty dish. Celebrated on September 13th.


Who exactly came up with the idea to celebrate the day of this wonderful sandwich is unknown. The popularization of the “Hoagy” is associated with the period of the First World War. There is a theory that this dish began to cook in a Philadelphia diner, founded by a native of Italy. The sandwich was very much enjoyed by the Italian immigrants who dined there and worked at the Hog Island shipyard. Since then, the dish began to be called “Hogi”.

There is also an opinion that “hogi” is a slang word for a pig. The theory is supported by the large size of the dish and the use of ham slices for cooking.

Interesting facts

  • There are many interesting Hogi recipes, complemented by Italian herbs and spices, often with cheese slices.
  • In 1992, Hoagy was announced by the former mayor of Philadelphia as the “Official Sandwich of 1992”.
  • The calorie content of such a sandwich is about 600 kcal.

How to celebrity

During the celebration of National Eat a Hoagie Day, don’t forget to gather all your friends and loved ones around the table to enjoy this sandwich. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Add new ingredients and make Hogi even more delicious.

Take a photo of the resulting sandwiches and share them on social networks. Tell us a little about the appearance of this dish so that more people can learn about it.

When is Eat a Hoagie Day celebrated in 2022?

Eat a Hoagie Day is observed on September 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday September 14 2022
Thursday September 14 2023
Saturday September 14 2024
Sunday September 14 2025
Monday September 14 2026