Do Something Nice Day - October 5
Wed, Oct 5, 2022

Do Something Nice Day

National Do Something Nice Day is celebrated on October 5 across America. This is the best date to bring goodness into the world! Sometimes the attention from others is so lacking … But making up for it is simple: do something nice for someone, and you will definitely get a positive return. This is the law of life!


The idea of ​​doing good for others has existed at all times. Despite the fact that there have been many bloody wars in the history of mankind, good has always defeated evil. For centuries, people lived together, committed acts of generosity, care. This can be compared to the time of the Second World War: people consciously went to protect those who were persecuted by the Nazi regime.

National Day is not about taking risks: just making a nice change for the person who needs it. Scientists have proven that this has a beneficial effect on human health: oxytocin is produced, a hormone that reduces blood pressure and anxiety. Finally, no matter how trite it may sound, the good returns like a boomerang!

Interesting facts

Curious moments:

  • Albert Pike (American poet, speaker, lawyer) wrote: “Everything that we have done only for ourselves dies with us. Everything we have done for others and the world remains forever”;
  • kindness is “contagious”, transmitted from recipient to recipient;
  • people who do good are strong personalities;
  • valuable gifts are not connected with the financial world;
  • a small blessing can change the world.

How to celebrate

Make people happy! Make it a habit and stick to it every day. These are simple things: open the door for a stranger, help carry the groceries, skip the line, give a compliment, listen to a lonely person, become a friend, treat someone to a cup of coffee, invite the neighbors to a barbecue, send a card, a bouquet of flowers … The list is endless, the actions depend on situations and desires.

When is Do Something Nice Day in 2022?

Do Something Nice Day is observed on October 5 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday October 5 2022
Thursday October 5 2023
Saturday October 5 2024
Sunday October 5 2025
Monday October 5 2026