Christmas Eve - December 24
Sun, Dec 24, 2023

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve – the most important night before Christmas! This is the final period of preparation for the holiday, and according to the story of the creation of the world, the first day began in the evening and continued in the morning. December 24 is a time for warm meetings with friends and relatives!


Christmas is celebrated all over the world! Believers celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and those who deny religion see the date as a tradition to gather with their families. It is also the best time to tell loved ones about your love, provide support, and make peace with anyone you have quarreled with.

Our ancestors, committed to pagan cultures, celebrated the winter solstice during this period. Upon the advent of Christianity, they had to adjust to other holidays, blending together Christian and pagan aspects into the popular version of Christmas. The peak of its popularity was reached in the 19th century.

Over time, the beloved image of Santa Claus appeared, giving rise to more traditions. Children await him on Christmas Eve, as he is expected to deliver the long-awaited gifts! It is said that Santa makes lists of children, rewarding only those who have behaved well in the past year. Often, socks are hung over the fireplace in houses, and milk or carrots are left for his faithful companions – the reindeer.

Interesting facts

Curious facts:

  • Scandinavians always stay at home on Christmas Eve, believing that this is the day when the dead come home to visit their families. People set tables for them and leave treats.
  • There is a legend that says that the shepherds noticed a bright star in the sky that night – it marked the birth of Jesus.
  • In some European countries, it is believed that animals on Christmas Eve are endowed with magical powers – they can speak human language. However, in the morning the gift disappears.

How to take part

Even if you live in different cities with your family, make sure to find time to meet for a festive dinner! Prepare delicious food or order ready-made in a cafe, and decorate the table with various additional items to spread the Christmas spirit! Teach your children about family traditions so that values do not disappear with time.

When is Christmas Eve celebrated in 2023?

Christmas Eve is observed on December 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday December 24 2023
Tuesday December 24 2024
Wednesday December 24 2025
Thursday December 24 2026

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