Chinese Language Day - April 20
Sat, Apr 20, 2024

Chinese Language Day

Chinese Language Day is celebrated on April 20. 1.3 billion people speak this language. It is the official language of China and the island of Taiwan.

The History

This holiday was established by UNESCO in 2010. Chinese was recognized as an official language of the United Nations. The language is based on ideograms. They were first introduced as a written language in China 5 thousand years ago. Chinese, in its modern form, became the state language after the overthrow of the ruling Qing Dynasty in 1911. In 1974, Chinese acquired the status of official language at meetings of the UN Security Council, facilitated by the development of partnership relations.

Fun Facts

This holiday is connected with the language, culture, and traditions of a nation with a rich, centuries-old history. Time to get acquainted with the Celestial Empire’s traditions!

  1. The language unites 1500 dialects used by residents of various provinces.
  2. China gave us noodles and many different recipes for noodle dishes.
  3. Tea first appeared at the Chinese imperial court and then spread as an invigorating drink with a rich taste.
  4. Americans love Chinese cuisine, ordering food with home delivery. It is a delicious dinner. The food is often spicy, but many dishes of chicken, noodles, and vegetables are healthy. Dishes do not need to be washed! The boxes are simply thrown away.

Learn simple phrases in Chinese (thank you, hello, goodbye, why is it so cheap, and that soup was delicious). The main thing is to follow the phonetic rules for intonation. Word meaning and emotional tone of phrase depend on it. Visit a restaurant where the chefs are Chinese and know the nuances of the national culinary skills. Remember Chinese cinema: action movies and comedies with Chinese actors perfectly demonstrating martial arts techniques. It is spectacular and exciting!

When Chinese Language Day celebrated in 2024?

Chinese Language Day is observed on April 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday April 20 2024
Sunday April 20 2025

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