Chant at the Moon Day - August 15
Tue, Aug 15, 2023

Chant at the Moon Day

Love looking at the night sky? Then Chant at the Moon Day is made especially for you. The moon is  of our planet’s satellite, so you can always admire it. Especially on summer evenings when you can walk, sing, or even howl!

The History

The holiday was founded by Stemilt Growers (Washington) – a producer of fruits and vegetables. Local legend says cherries picked on a full moon are much sweeter and tastier. This is explained by the fact that the moon, with its gravitational attraction, strengthens the roots of trees.

Interesting facts

  • Moon Cherries are harvested at sunrise to preserve their brilliance;
  • Farmers have noticed the influence of the lunar cycle on the growth of plantations;
  • Moonlight has always attracted people; songs and poems were composed about it;
  • People always see the same side of the satellite;
  • Craters on its surface were left by meteorites from about 4 billion years ago;
  • Frozen water has been found on the moon, located in craters under the surface;
  • 62% of cherries are grown in Washington;
  • Cherries contain anthocyanins – antioxidants that help fight cancer;
  • Persia (the territory of modern Iran) is considered the birthplace of cherries;
  • There are many vitamins in the berry that have a beneficial effect on the skin’s condition.

How to take part

Evening on Chant at the Moon Day is the best time to walk with loved ones or alone. Solitude in nature is always inspiring and empowering.

Throw a party and hold contests. For example, who will come up with the most cheerful moon song and sing it the best.

In August, we get the last summer gifts of nature, so enjoy the fresh fruits.

Take pictures of the Earth’s satellite and share pictures with your friends.

When is Chant at the Moon Day celebrated in 2023?

Chant at the Moon Day is observed on August 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday August 15 2023
Thursday August 15 2024
Friday August 15 2025
Saturday August 15 2026