Change A Light Day - October
Sun, Oct 2, 2022

Change A Light Day

Did you know that the problem of high electricity bills is easily solved? Change A Light Day exists so that everyone is aware of this issue! A common advice is to change conventional incandescent bulbs to LED ones: they save energy and do not change lighting. Join the holiday, there is a lot of useful information!


Change A Light Day was founded in 2005. The Kentucky energy companies helped to do this by asking the governor to spread the word to the public. Soon the holiday became official. The first event was held with maximum benefit: students and various institutions took part in it. Experts talked about the importance of switching to LED light bulbs, because they not only help save the budget, but also have a beneficial effect on the environment. Residents listened, most of them took advantage of the recommendations.

Up to this point, everyone used Edison lamps – they have gone down in history! There were many advantages, but this was not enough, and in 1960 the first LED appeared. In subsequent years, the industry developed, lamps were introduced to the world that consumed 90% less energy than conventional ones. The duration of their work was staggering: 11 years with constant operation.

Interesting facts

It is curious that:

  • there is a lamp that shines from 1901 to the present – it is located in the California fire department;
  • Niagara Falls was illuminated in 1879. Now its illumination is equal to the illumination of 250 million candles!
  • light has momentum;
  • Light is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. LED bulbs emit visible light, which is why they are energy efficient.

How to celebrate

Change the bulbs according to our advice, if you have not already done so. Turn off the lights in rooms you are not currently using – it’s that simple! Teach household members the same control. Share your knowledge with loved ones to make the world a little better!

When is Change A Light Day celebrated in 2022?

Change A Light Day is observed on the first Sunday in October each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 2 2022
Sunday October 1 2023
Sunday October 6 2024
Sunday October 5 2025
Sunday October 4 2026

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