Campfire Girls Day - March 17
Sun, Mar 17, 2024

Campfire Girls Day

Camp Fire Girls Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to the youth organization of the same name. It is celebrated on March 17. The activities of the organization were aimed at developing the necessary social and practical skills in girls (today, boys, too). Children spent active recreation in nature, learning to work as a team. Hiking and various outdoor activities were popular.


The history of Camp Fire Girls Day begins with the establishment of the organization of the same name. The event took place in 1912. The creation of the organization was made possible by W.C. Langdon and C. Farnsworth, and the couple Luther and Charlotte Gulick. The name Camp Fire Girls was chosen. The organization was inspired by the example of the Boy Scouts and was created in their likeness. Initially, only girls could join it. As the organization expanded and grew in popularity, it opened its doors to boys as well. The corresponding prefix (… and boys) was added to the title. Today, the organization got rid of unnecessary labels and called in short – Camp Fire.

Camp Fire has developed several programs over the years that focus on preserving and caring for the environment, teaching children necessary social and practical skills, and much more.

Interesting facts

  • For the project’s 50th anniversary, Camp Fire Girls participants planted 2 million. tree seedlings and 13,000 birdhouses were built.
  • Today the organization already has worldwide recognition. There are approximately 130 camps around the world that can accept new participants each year.
  • The exact number of Camp Fire members is difficult to calculate, but it has long been over 100,000.

How to celebrate

Learn more about the organization’s activities at Camp Fire Girls Day. This holiday is a great reason to enroll your child there. He will learn useful skills, learn to work in a team and find contacts with his peers. Think about this idea, and discuss it with your child.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if any of them are members (former or current) of the youth group. What is their impression of the organization.

When is Campfire Girls Day celebrated in 2024?

Campfire Girls Day is observed on March 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday March 17 2024
Monday March 17 2025

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