Bubble Bath Day - January 8
Mon, Jan 8, 2024

Bubble Bath Day

National Bubble Bath Day is a great day to unwind! Seriously, we work so hard, we are constantly in a hurry to do everything, we do hundreds of things a day … Such vigor needs to be restored. Water procedures have always been suitable for this!


We didn’t find the man who came up with the idea of ​​celebrating National Day, but he knew a lot about appeasement! The bath helped out from the time when it first appeared. People immediately realized that after bathing comes an extraordinary feeling of lightness, some call it as “being born again.” In the frantic pace of life, we sometimes do not have time to have breakfast, not to mention a free hour for our relaxation. But today we urge you to find the time!

When the bath became commonplace, stores began to offer various additions to it. Now you can find a variety of gels, bombs, sparkles, salts, flavors … But the foam was and remains at the top of the pedestal – the bubbles envelop the body, create a pleasant hiss, burst and smell wonderful. I’m sure you’ll want to take a dip in them!

Interesting facts

Amazing moments about baths:

  • appeared a very long time ago. The oldest device was found on the island of Crete, its age is 5000 years;
  • in ancient Greece there was a myth that hot streams rob a person of strength, so the inhabitants tried to swim in cold, and even icy water;
  • the Romans, on the contrary, were special lovers of water procedures. Often rich people attached bronze bathtubs with chains to the ceiling;
  • the famous Cleopatra bathed in milk and herbal infusions;
  • taking a bath increases blood circulation;
  • hydromassage was invented by Candido Jacuzzi – the development arose thanks to his sick son, who needed a massage.

How to celebrate

You know what to do at National Bubble Bath Day, there are only two rules today: find time to relax and use the foam! Other interesting additions are available upon request. Tell about the holiday to others so that everyone will please themselves with soothing procedures!

When is Bubble Bath Day celebrated in 2024?

Bubble Bath Day is observed on January 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 8 2024
Wednesday January 8 2025
Thursday January 8 2026
Friday January 8 2027