Baby Massage Day - April
Sat, Apr 13, 2024

Baby Massage Day

Baby Massage Day is an American holiday dedicated to massage for babies. It is a set of special movements aimed at stimulating different parts of the body in order to prevent the emergence of certain diseases, to improve the therapeutic effect of treatment, etc. The holiday is celebrated annually on the second Saturday in April.


The history of massage itself goes back thousands of years. Researchers say that the practice began as early as 3000 B.C. in ancient India. There, it was believed to bring healing and to effectively relieve pain. In general, massage techniques were widespread throughout many Asian countries and were successfully used to treat various diseases.

500 years later, massage was learned about in ancient Egypt. No doubt you have already guessed that it was popular with the pharaohs and the upper classes.

The spread of masseurs closer to modern times began at the end of the 19th century. It was then that J. G. Mehger introduced new techniques such as rubbing, tapping and many others that are still in wide demand today! Massage for babies (up to 4 years on average) came much later, already in the 1950s, when medicine was actively developing.

Interesting facts

  • Specialists allow babies from 1 month of age to receive massage if there are indications for it. A consultation with your pediatrician is necessary.
  • In ancient Greece, massage was used to help athletes recover from competition and to prepare for them.
  • The term massage appeared in the 19th century. It comes from the French “massage,” which is translated as “rubbing.

How to celebrate

Visit massage sessions on that day. Pay attention to your child, if he or she has any health problems or is recovering from an illness, discuss the possibility of a massage in this case. Perhaps it will be useful!

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask other users if they have signed up their babies for massage sessions for their indications. Was it effective?

When is Baby Massage Day celebrated in 2024?

Baby Massage Day is observed every year on the second Saturday in April.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday April 13 2024
Saturday April 12 2025