Act Happy Day - March
Mon, Mar 18, 2024

Act Happy Day

Act Happy Day is an American holiday dedicated to happiness. This is a fairly broad concept, which everyone can interpret in their own way. However, the pursuit of happiness is one of the main desires of many people. Celebrating this day makes you feel happy! The holiday is celebrated annually on the third Monday of March.


The history of Act Happy Day begins in 2004, when Dr. Anderson took the initiative to establish the holiday. He was a skilled surgeon who studied human biomechanics. Much attention was paid to the relationship between a person’s emotional state and his physical health, as well as many personal qualities. He found that people who smile and laugh more often are easier to handle stressful states, they are more contactable and more liked by the people around them.

One of the popular theories was that you should specifically impose a feeling of happiness on yourself. Even if you feel bad, sad, depressed, guilty, etc., make yourself feel happy. Direct your entire mental flow toward that. The doctor claims that the psychological technique described really helps to lift your spirits and make you feel better.

Interesting facts

  • Happiness is a complex concept that most often refers to a feeling of complete satisfaction with life, as well as excellent mental and physical health.
  • Positive thinking helps about 40% of people get rid of depressive feelings and apathy. The overall energy and performance increases. One begins to enjoy life.

How to celebrate

If you feel happy, rejoice! You just have to enjoy the feeling. You can also try Dr. Anderson’s method of self-hypnosis of happiness. Relax today, watch comedy movies, go for a walk with friends. Lift your spirits!

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When is Act Happy Day celebrated in 2024?

Act Happy Day is observed annually on the third Monday in March.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday March 18 2024
Monday March 17 2025