World Rivers Day - September 25
Sun, Sep 29, 2024

World Rivers Day

World Rivers Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Sunday of the first month of fall. It is not just that rivers are called lifelines of the planet; clean water is necessary for people and all living things. It is important for humanity to take all possible measures to clean up the rivers and restore them.


The issue of river water pollution is being discussed in many countries and international organizations. But the cleansing process is not proceeding at a sufficient pace. Everyone should think about how they can take part in this initiative. For example, it is important to prevent the degradation of rivers as a result of uncontrolled fishing and waste runoff.

Interesting Facts

  • Approximately 70% of drinking water in the United States is river water, and it is also used to generate electricity and irrigate crops.
  • Many large, prosperous metropolitan areas are located along the banks of rivers, like Berlin, London, and Amsterdam.
  • Initially, the Day of the Rivers of British Columbia and Canada appeared on the calendar. It was started by Mark Angelo. The holiday became so popular that Angelo wanted to repeat his success on a more global level.
  • World Rivers Day is celebrated in a hundred countries.
  • The Nile River provides water to 11 countries.

How to Take Part

Take an active part in this holiday. Join public organizations that protect rivers, such as American Whitewater. Spend this day on the river and organize rafting competitions. You can also organize a cleaning day and clear the river bank of debris. Involve neighbors, friends, and colleagues in this initiative.

When is world rivers day celebrated in 2024?

World Rivers Day is observed on the fourth Sunday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday September 29 2024
Sunday September 28 2025
Sunday September 27 2026
Sunday September 26 2027
Sunday September 24 2028
Sunday September 23 2029