World Fair Trade Day - May
Sat, May 11, 2024

World Fair Trade Day

World Fair Trade Day is celebrated by various organizations and manufactures. Festive events are held on the second Saturday of May, and May is declared Fair Trade Month.

The History

The founding date of International Fair Trade Day is unknown. The holiday is held under the World Fair Trade Organization’s leadership. About 350 manufacturers and traders take part. All participants promote fair trade principles in line with international standards.

What is fair trade? It is a public activity, supported by international standards and a public policy regarding labeled and unlabeled goods (tea, coffee, fruits, cereals, cocoa, handicrafts, clothing and others). Particular attention is paid to goods exported from developing countries to developed ones. They must be produced without child or slave labor.

Interesting Facts

‘Fair Trade is not aid’ is the general motto of the Fair Trade organization.

  1. All products pass certification. They are marked with a single label, meaning the production and quality are in line with international standards, and no child labor was involved.
  2. These products are often more expensive than regular products. But people buy them with a clear conscience, as they have confidence in the manufacturer.
  3. Fair trade principles include: no child or slave labor, absolute business transparency, and humane working conditions.

When is World Fair Trade Day celebrated in 2024?

World Fair Trade Day is observed the second Saturday in May.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday May 11 2024
Saturday May 10 2025