Weary Willie Day - December 9
Fri, Dec 9, 2022

Weary Willie Day

Weary Willie Day is celebrated on December 9th in the United States. Did you know about this holiday? If not, today is the time to get closer to him: the date marks the birth of a clown who initially did not find recognition among people.


Sad Willie was created by circus performer Emmett Kelly. This image came to his mind after meeting with the vagabonds. The clown had an extremely sad look – his inverted smile pumped. It is not surprising that initially many circuses refused to show people the character, he simply did not meet generally accepted standards. However, during the Great Depression, the image came in handy: Willie personified the face of an entire nation.

Sad Willy appeared before people in shabby clothes, unshaven and terribly sad. Against the backdrop of general unrest, people recognized him and made him a real icon. Kelly died, but his hero continued to live and, surprisingly, bring joy with his uniqueness. The case was continued by the son of Emmett, he, like his father, played a clown until his death.

Interesting facts

Amazing Moments:

  • the word “clown” in America appeared in 1560, it was interpreted as “rude”;
  • in 2016 in the USA it was dedicated to clown fear – throughout the whole time there was a crazy influx of characters;
  • Joseph Grimaldi is considered the very first and most popular clown;
  • traditional coloring allows you to more clearly designate facial expressions;
  • Pennywise is the scariest character in many polls;
  • according to some studies, one in three people surveyed suffer from coulrophobia.

How to celebrate

Go to a circus performance and watch the clown at work: how he moves, how he causes laughter, what emotions he experiences. Give flowers or a delicious gift at the end of the show. Watch films related to the theme of the holiday.

When is Weary Willie Day celebrated in 2022?

Weary Willie Day is observed on December 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday December 9 2022
Saturday December 9 2023
Monday December 9 2024
Tuesday December 9 2025
Wednesday December 9 2026

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