Teflon Day - April 6
Sat, Apr 6, 2024

Teflon Day

Teflon Day is an American holiday dedicated to Teflon. The discovery of this substance made it possible to revolutionize many areas of human activity: the military industry, cooking, medicine and many others. The holiday is celebrated annually on April 6.


There is no reliable information about the appearance of Teflon Day. It is likely that this holiday was simply created to spread information about such an important material for modern society. It serves as a kind of token of gratitude to the person who developed Teflon.

The material was discovered in 1938. It happened by accident. Chemist Roy Plunkett was developing a refrigerant in a laboratory. He needed to pump a gas with a reduced temperature into a special tank. He assigned it to an assistant, who forgot about it. The container had been in storage for about 24 hours. When it was opened, Roy found that the gas inside had turned into a solid white powder. This was Teflon. Further experiments with this substance showed its resistance to temperature fluctuations, and its non-stick properties were also discovered.

In today’s world, Teflon pans are in great demand. From now on, food and grease no longer stick to the surface. This material is used in medical equipment, airplane linings, bullet casings, etc.!

Interesting facts

  • Teflon is a type of polymer. The chemical name is Polytetrafluoroethylene.
  • The first American pan with a Teflon nonstick coating was called the Happy Pan. They went on sale in 1961.
  • The main advantage of Teflon pans is their non-stick properties, which makes them easy to clean without having to scrape off stuck food and grease.

How to celebrate

Learn more about the properties of Teflon this day. If you’re still using regular pans, it’s time to fix that. Buy a new Teflon frying pan and experience the pleasure of cooking.

Spread the word about the holiday on social media. Ask users how long they’ve been using Teflon pans?

When is Teflon Day celebrated in 2024?

Teflon Day is observed on April 6 each year.


Saturday April 6 2024
Sunday April 6 2025
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