Superhuman Day - September 7
Thu, Sep 7, 2023

Superhuman Day

Superhuman Day is celebrated annually on September 7th. Have you ever thought about how many people with disabilities are in society, and what difficulties they have to face? That is why this holiday appeared on the calendar.


When we talk about superhumans, we do not mean Marvel heroes, but ordinary men and women who have faced difficult trials in life. By perseverance and diligence, they proved to the harsh world that they deserve more; they deserve happiness. Superhuman Day was first celebrated in 2016 at the initiative of the media company Channel 4, whose staff launched a unique campaign to draw attention to the participants of the 2016 Paralympic Games.

Interesting Facts

  • It turns out that 15% of the world’s population is disabled. Among them, 93 million are children, and 720 million are adults.
  • The causes of disability are not always an accident, it can be heredity.
  • Unfortunately, only 30% of employers provide jobs for employees with disabilities.
  • Among the ‘superhumans’ only 25% are employed.

How to join the celebration

Most ‘superhumans’ prefer to take care of themselves, but they need our care and attention. However, it is much more important for them to feel useful, that they are full members of society. Spend a day with such a person. Let them forget about their problems and feel like a superhuman. Support the Paralympic Games and their participants, watch the competition, and encourage your followers on social networks to do the same.

When is Superhuman Day in 2023?

Superhuman Day is observed on September 7 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 7 2023
Saturday September 7 2024
Sunday September 7 2025
Monday September 7 2026