Stand For Children Day - June 1
Sat, Jun 1, 2024

Stand For Children Day

Stand For Children Day is one of the most important events, as it aims to make lives of American children better. In the US, children face problems such as poor education, poor childcare, lack of access to health care, discrimination based on gender or race, and other issues. Americans are drawing public attention to this, trying to change the situation for the better.


Stand For Children Day was founded in 1996. Its initiators were the Americans John Edelman and Martin Wright. The main goal of the holiday is to make the lives of children better, and not only for several days a year, but every day. In 1996, a demonstration was organized, where the participants called on the public to pay attention to these important problems, and encouraged the authorities to improve education, upbringing, and medical care. This demonstration brought together about 300,000 people who were not indifferent to children’s difficulties and experiences. Every year, these events have grown in scale.

Over time, other organizations joined the holiday to help improve children’s lives. These organizations distribute books, renovate playgrounds, help enroll children in the health care system, and raise money to invest in the education system. Rallies are also organized to call for changes in political decisions that affect children’s lives and well-being. All this helps to make the lives of children much better.

Interesting Facts

Children are a source of joy and energy. Children are our future.

  • Children exposed to frequent physical punishment have lower IQs, suffer from depression, and have a tendency to be aggressive.
  • Games help with mental and social development.
  • With proper upbringing and development, a 4-year-old child can pronounce about 12,000 words.
  • At the age of 3, children ask up to 900 questions per day.

How to take part

Make donations to improve children’s lives. You can also find out where in your city there are volunteer centers that collect things for children. If you find them, bring stationery, books, clothing, hygiene items or toys.

When is Stand For Children Day celebrated in 2024?

Stand For Children Day is observed on June 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 1 2024
Sunday June 1 2025

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