National WebMistress Day - August 26
Mon, Aug 26, 2024

National WebMistress Day

National WebMistress Day, celebrated on August 26th, was created to dispel the stereotype that programming is not a woman’s job and that all successful webmasters are men. The day serves to recognize the contributions of women to the field of IT and to support those who are pursuing careers in this field.


National WebMistress Day was founded by Kat Valentine in 1995, who purchased the domain to raise awareness about the contributions of women to the development of digital technologies.

Interesting facts

  1. Ada Lovelace, the daughter of poet Lord Byron, is considered the first programmer in history. In 1843, she translated and annotated an article by Charles Babbage, which included the first ever computer program with an algorithm.
  2. Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr made significant contributions to the development of the GSM radiotelephony standard.
  3. Grace Hopper is credited as the creator of the first compiler.
  4. Radia Perlman is known as the “mother of the internet” for her work on the STP channel protocol.
  5. Other notable women in the field of IT include Adele Goldberg, who participated in the development of Smalltalk, Marissa Meyer, who headed Yahoo! for 5 years, and Katharina Fake, the creator of the Flickr photo storage service.

How to take part

To celebrate National WebMistress Day, consider congratulating and recognizing the accomplishments of female IT acquaintances through various forms of appreciation such as sending a message on twitter, writing a letter, leaving a friendly review in public spaces of the internet, or posting about them on your pages.

When is National WebMistress Day celebrated in 2024?

National WebMistress Day is observed on August 26 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday August 26 2024
Tuesday August 26 2025
Wednesday August 26 2026