National WebMistress Day - August 26
Fri, Aug 26, 2022

National WebMistress Day

There is a stereotype that programming is not a woman’s job, and all successful webmasters are men. National WebMistress Day, celebrated on August 26th, was born to rid people of this misconception. Women are not only able to be successful in the field of IT – without them, perhaps the Internet would not exist in its current form!


For a celebration of the role of women in web development, National WebMistress Day, we have Kat Valentine to thank. In 1995, she bought the domain to inform the world about the contribution of women to the development of digital technologies and to support those who are going to make a career in this field.

Interesting facts

At National WebMistress Day, we remember the women known for their revolutionary work in IT, and there are far more than 5 of them:

  1. The first programmer in history is a woman! This is the daughter of the famous British poet Lord Byron Ada Lovelace. She received a mathematical education. In 1843 she was asked to translate from French a lecture by her mentor Charles Babbage. He was engaged in the creation of a computer. Ada translated the article, accompanying it with her comments – the first ever computer program with an algorithm. The program was engaged in counting Bernoulli numbers. Ada managed to come up with operations and a way to implement variables herself.
  2. Without Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr, the GSM radiotelephony standard would not have appeared.
  3. Grace Hopper is the creator of the first compiler.
  4. Radia Perlman has been dubbed the “mother of the internet”. It is known for its STP channel protocol.
  5. Adele Goldberg participated in the development of Smalltalk, Marissa Meyer headed Yahoo! for 5 years (2012-2017), Katharina Fake is the creator of the Flickr photo storage service (she created it in 2004).

How to celebrate

The best way to celebrate National WebMistress Day is to congratulate your female IT acquaintances. You can congratulate them on Twitter, write them a letter thanking them for a job well done, or a friendly review in the public space of the Internet. Appreciate their skills on LinkedIn, write a post about them on your pages.

When is National WebMistress Day celebrated in 2022?

National WebMistress Day is observed on August 26 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday August 26 2022
Saturday August 26 2023
Monday August 26 2024
Tuesday August 26 2025
Wednesday August 26 2026