National Personal Trainer Awareness Day - January 2
Tue, Jan 2, 2024

National Personal Trainer Awareness Day

National personal trainer awareness day honors great people who help you reach your goal and never give up! Indeed, they know a lot of useful information and share it with us – all that remains is to put it into practice and observe how the lifestyle and body change.


Why is National Day celebrated on January 2nd? It’s simple: on New Year’s holidays, we allow ourselves much more than the body needs. Alcohol, fatty foods, endless sweets and parties are not the best response to health. It’s time to start exercising so as not to let yourself go! Statistics show that most people reluctantly go to the gym, but once you get on the simulator, there is an irresistible desire to change for the better.

The holiday was founded by 2 coaches – Jim Labadie and Joey Atlas. For several years they observed an interesting situation, when at the beginning of the year much more people signed up for them than at usual times. The date was formed in 2000 and honored not only sports professionals to look up to, but also gym goers ready to work hard after a long weekend.

Coaches develop an individual program for everyone, help to perform the exercises correctly, advise on nutrition … In the person of one professional, an educator, mentor and teacher get along. He constantly improves his skills and becomes even stronger!

Interesting facts

Did you know:

  • there are no quick healthy results – you need to work hard to see noticeable changes;
  • the regularity of training and nutrition play a major role;
  • male and female fitness are different;
  • during sports, a person receives serotonin and endorphin – which is why we feel so good in training and after.

How to celebrate

Head to the gym for a National personal trainer awareness day and start your sports journey! Get the services of a coach and achieve amazing results. Congratulate professionals today – send them cute gifts: sports bars, fruit baskets, healthy chocolate…

When is National Personal Trainer Awareness Day celebrated in 2024?

National Personal Trainer Awareness Day is observed on January 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday January 2 2024
Thursday January 2 2025
Friday January 2 2026
Saturday January 2 2027