National Mofongo Day - September 24
Sun, Sep 24, 2023

National Mofongo Day

National Mofongo Day is an annual holiday celebrated on September 24th. Do you know what a mofongo is? This is the national dish traditionally served on the island of Puerto Rico. Ingredients include pork, olive oil, garlic, broth, and plantain.


Mofongo is a rather old dish. First, it was prepared in Africa and was called fufu. A pasty dish of plantain was served with meat, fish, or vegetables. Today, the variety of side dishes has increased – shrimp, octopus, and chicken are common. The dish was brought to Puerto Rico by slaves from Angola in the 16th century. The main difference between the African and Puerto Rican versions of mofongo is the texture. The modern version is denser and served as a main dish.

Interesting Facts

  • The word ‘mofongo’ in translation means ‘many things’.
  • In the African version of the dish, plantain is boiled, then crushed, while in Puerto Rican it is fried.
  • Gourmets note mofongo combines African and Caribbean culinary traditions, resulting in a dish with an organic, balanced taste.

How to take part

Surely there is a Puerto Rican cafe in your city, so visit it and try this unusual dish. Try to cook it for lunch or dinner; in fact, the recipe is simple, and plantain is not difficult to find. Since the holiday is quite new, talk about it on social networks and share information. Invite your friends to take a trip to Puerto Rico, which is the best place to try the original dish.

When is National Mofongo Day in 2023?

National Mofongo Day is observed on September 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday September 24 2023
Tuesday September 24 2024
Wednesday September 24 2025
Thursday September 24 2026