National Mint Julep Day - May 30
Thu, May 30, 2024

National Mint Julep Day

When summer comes to American cities, the air will be filled with a sunny warmth. National Mint Julep Day is a harbinger of the coming warm season. This holiday, filled with the ringing of transparent glasses, is celebrated on May 30.

The History

In the XVIII century, a mixture of bourbon with mint sprigs was used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Doctors prescribed this remedy as a medicine, and its name first appeared in 1803 in historical printed sources. It is a cocktail associated with a derby event, which in Kentucky was traditionally significant for those who gambled. Tradition is more than 100 years old. A variation based on gin also became popular.

Interesting Facts

Traditional recipe: bourbon, mint. Sugar, sweet syrup is added at will. The obligatory component of this refreshing cocktail is ice.

  1. Bartenders who prepare cocktails follow a real ritual that requires compliance with accuracy of measures and principles of serving.
  2. Mint Julep is considered a Native American drink. However, some sources claim it originated from an Arabic cocktail with added fresh rose petals.
  3. Tradition prescribes drinking the cocktail in the morning. Stick to a moderate amount!

As alternative ingredients, lime, berry, or fruit syrup is added to cocktail. Choose the best variation for you, and enjoy the sweet, blissful feeling that comes from this wonderful cocktail.

When is National Mint Julep Day celebrated in 2024?

National Mint Julep Day is observed on May 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday May 30 2024
Friday May 30 2025

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