National Linguine Day - September 15
Thu, Sep 15, 2022

National Linguine Day

National Linguine Day is an annual holiday dedicated to the Italian pasta of the same name. Celebrated on September 15th. Linguine, compared to the equally popular spaghetti, has a flatter elongated shape. From Italian, they are translated as “little tongues”, which very well emphasizes their appearance.


It is believed that linguini appeared in Genoa in the early 18th century. Information about them was contained in the notes of Giulio Giacchero, who lived in this city and was engaged in writing scientific papers on economics. According to the description, the pasta was as close as possible to the modern version. It was consumed with the addition of pesto sauce and potatoes. The dish was especially popular among Ligurian families.

In modern cooking, linguini is a pasta based on which dishes are prepared with the addition of seafood or red fish. Serve such pasta with light and refreshing sauces.

For the production of this paste, premium bleached or whole grain flour is used.

Interesting facts

  • Fun fact – the chef from the popular cartoon “Ratatouille” is named Linguini.
  • In Genoa, the birthplace of the linguine, this pasta is usually called trenette.
  • Due to the calorie content (350 kcal per 100 g of product), linguine, like other types of Italian pasta, is often included in the diet by athletes.

How to celebrate

If you have long wanted to go to Italy, then do it on National Linguine Day. Be sure to visit Genoa and try the dishes from this pasta in local restaurants.

If you like to experiment in the kitchen, then prepare your own dish based on linguine. Invite family and friends to dinner and treat them to your culinary masterpiece! Follow the main rules: the sauce should not be heavy, and the pasta should be cooked to the point where it is still a little hard. Don’t let Italian pasta look like pasta.

When is National Linguine Day celebrated in 2022?

National Linguine Day is observed on September 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 15 2022
Friday September 15 2023
Sunday September 15 2024
Monday September 15 2025
Tuesday September 15 2026

What today?

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