National Lard Day - December 8
Thu, Dec 8, 2022

National Lard Day

National Lard Day is celebrated on December 8th in the United States. The purpose of the holiday is to tell people about the benefits of fat, despite the myths collected about this product. Nutritionists say that it simply cannot be consumed, but are they right? Join the celebration and find out!


Who created the National Day is unknown. But after its appearance, many organizations began to sponsor the holiday. For example, this was followed by the Coast Packing Corporation, which is at the forefront in the production of food rich in fats.

The first evidence of the use of fat was recorded in Italy – it was given to workers working in quarries. It is clear that the workers, due to their serious work, simply needed high-calorie food, fat was 100% suitable for these requirements. Even a few pieces on an empty stomach can saturate the body! Also, the product is much easier to store, unlike meat. The Italians developed a special variety called “Lardo” and enjoyed it in combination with bread and tomatoes.

Gradually, lard spread throughout Europe, and then throughout the world. There is a legend that Christopher Columbus fed his sailors with it. On the ship, it was considered chic food!

Interesting facts

Did you know that fat:

  • contains many useful substances – important minerals, saturated and unsaturated acids, healthy cholesterol, which perfectly strengthens blood vessels;
  • does not allow you to quickly get drunk;
  • it was also used for medicinal purposes: it helped with toothaches, varicose veins, colds;
  • perfectly removes toxins;
  • stored in the freezer and retains the original taste for a long time.

How to celebrate

Purchase lard from a trusted store or visit a farm. Replace vegetable and butter with lard and compare the taste of dishes. Tell people about the benefits of the product and break stereotypes!

When is National Lard Day celebrated in 2022?

National Lard Day is observed on December 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday December 8 2022
Friday December 8 2023
Sunday December 8 2024
Monday December 8 2025
Tuesday December 8 2026