National Fried Scallops Day - October 2
Mon, Oct 2, 2023

National Fried Scallops Day

National Fried Scallops Day is the perfect holiday for indulging in this delicious delicacy! The scallop, belonging to the Pectinidae family, is an incredibly versatile mollusk that can be cooked in many ways; from baking to using in sushi or soups. Most often, it is fried in oil with the addition of aromatic herbs, making it the ideal dish to celebrate this day.


National Fried Scallops Day was created out of love for marine life! While many people may associate the word “shellfish” with oysters, scallops should not be overlooked. Found fossils have shown that scallops have been around for 300 million years, and they can be found in all the oceans of the world, as well as in bays and shallow waters. Not only are they delicious, but they have beautiful shells which many tourists collect as a souvenir from their trips.

The popularity of scallops in the US increased in the 19th century, when people realized that they could be cooked and enjoyed as a delicious dish. The very first written recipe for scallops can be found in the 1846 cookbook “Miss Beecher’s Domestic Receipt Book”.

Interesting facts

  • Scallops swim by using a muscle to open and close their shells, which is edible.
  • They are incredibly nutritious, containing a high amount of vitamins.
  • Most scallops are hermaphrodites and reproduce by spawning.
  • They have rings which indicate their age, although in rare cases they can appear due to stress.

How to take part

To take part in National Fried Scallops Day, you can buy some scallops from a fish store, with or without their shells, and cook them according to your favorite recipe. It is much more fun to share the kitchen duties with your family or friends, and if you are not confident in your cooking skills, you can always visit a nearby restaurant and try out the chef’s dish.

When is National Fried Scallops Day in 2023?

National Fried Scallops Day is observed on October 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday October 2 2023
Wednesday October 2 2024
Thursday October 2 2025
Friday October 2 2026