National Fast Food Day - November 16
Wed, Nov 16, 2022

National Fast Food Day

National Fast Food Day is celebrated on November 16 in America. The holiday embraces the very food your mind and stomach demand! Burgers, french fries, pizza, nuggets, sodas… While this may not be the healthiest product, it is simply impossible to pass it by. Even if you are on a diet, you can relax today!


After the First World War, cars spread among the population, so there was more demand not for homemade, but for street fast food, which would always be available. This is convenient when traveling out of town or on long journeys: you can easily drop into a cafe and order a delicious snack or a full meal.

White Castle is an American hamburger chain with 377 locations in 13 states. The first restaurant opened in 1921, but there was not much choice then. Full-fledged work began in 1950. Since that moment, the love for fast food has spread all over the world: now it is difficult to find a corner on earth where there is no such harmful (according to nutritionists), but such delicious food.

Interesting facts

Perhaps you didn’t know:

  • in the United States, about $33 billion is spent on advertising fast food establishments;
  • 90% of children visit McDonald’s every month;
  • in Australia, every 2nd resident has problems with being overweight;
  • french fries are in high demand, the vegetable is one of the best-selling in establishments;
  • restaurant owners make more money from selling soda than from high-calorie foods;
  • one of the most expensive burgers is sold in Las Vegas, its cost is $120;
  • excessive passion for food can cause health problems, in particular obesity;
  • in Italy, such establishments are not very popular, people are used to going to the usual pizzerias and trattorias.

How to celebrate

Treat yourself to a little more: fried wings, a big hamburger, cheese sauce, potatoes – wash it all down with cola! Yes, today you can taste something that has been in your head for a long time. A great date to get together with friends and celebrate National Day.

When is National Fast Food Day celebrated in 2022?

National Fast Food Day is observed on November 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 16 2022
Thursday November 16 2023
Saturday November 16 2024
Sunday November 16 2025
Monday November 16 2026