National Drink Beer Day - September 28
Wed, Sep 28, 2022

National Drink Beer Day

National Drink Beer Day is celebrated every year on September 28 and is dedicated to one of the most popular drinks in the world. Do you have your favorite type of beer? It’s time to drink a bottle or try new varieties. Today in the world there is a huge selection of varieties of beer – porters, lagers, ales.


The history of the foamy drink begins in ancient Egypt. About 5 thousand years ago it was used as a ceremonial drink. Archaeologists and historians have managed to find scrolls that describe beer recipes. However, there is a version that it appeared much earlier – more than 10 thousand years ago in Mesopotamia, when there was no written language yet. In Europe, the drink appeared in the Middle Ages, then people preferred to drink not dirty water, but beer. At the same time, German monks appeared who came up with fermentation techniques, with their help they began to prepare a product that resembled a modern version of “foamy”.

Interesting Facts

  • In some cities, restaurants are cheaper to order a glass of beer than a glass of water, for example, in Prague.
  • The Europeans who came to the New World were so fond of “foamy” that the first thing they did was to establish its production.
  • Today, there are thousands of beer production recipes that differ in the type of yeast, fermentation processes, initial ingredients.
  • For lovers of exquisite drinks with an unusual taste, there are craft varieties.

How to celebrate

Gather the guests and drink beer, the beauty of such a party is that everyone can order their favorite variety. If you are a sophisticated drink fan and want to try something really new, pay attention to strong cider. A great addition will be a variety of snacks that you can buy or cook with your own hands. The main thing is to observe moderation.

When is National Drink Beer Day in 2022?

National Drink Beer Day is observed on September 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday September 28 2022
Thursday September 28 2023
Saturday September 28 2024
Sunday September 28 2025
Monday September 28 2026

What today?

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