National Chocolate Candy Day - December 28
Thu, Dec 28, 2023

National Chocolate Candy Day

National Chocolate Candy Day is a delicious holiday before the New Year. Sweet tooths, rejoice! It’s time to please your taste buds and treat yourself to something special, even if you are following a strict diet. We are sure that a few calories won’t hurt!


National Chocolate Candy Day is celebrated annually on December 28th. During the holiday season, boxes of chocolates are the perfect gift, so you won’t have to go out shopping.

The Olmec civilization, who lived on the territory of modern Mexico, were the first to mention chocolate beans, with traces of products dated as far back as 1900 BC found in tombs. Christopher Columbus was the first to try it, however the drink was far from resembling the modern version – it was distinguished by a bitter taste and the presence of spices and herbs.

It wasn’t until the 1671 that the Duke of Plessis-Pralin was served hard sweets made from honey, chocolate and almonds prepared by his cook. This dessert quickly gained popularity amongst the nobility and was named “praline”.

Interesting facts

  • In 1839, the German baker Stollwerck invented figured chocolates, using gingerbread molds.
  • In 1868, chocolates in the shape of hearts were invented just for St. Valentine’s Day.
  • In 1875, the Swiss chef invented solid milk chocolate with the addition of powdered milk, after 7 years of experimentation.
  • In 1912, Jean Neuhaus invented chocolate sweets with a special chocolate body.

How to take part

National Chocolate Candy Day is the perfect opportunity to indulge in your favorite chocolates and treat your loved ones, neighbors, or even strangers. You can organize a party and present different types of candy to the guests, or even try making them yourself!

When is National Chocolate Candy Day celebrated in 2023?

National Chocolate Candy Day is observed on December 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday December 28 2023
Saturday December 28 2024
Sunday December 28 2025
Monday December 28 2026

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