National Carrot Cake Day - February 3
Sat, Feb 3, 2024

National Carrot Cake Day

National Carrot Cake Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to this beautiful orange vegetable dish. Celebrated annually on February 3rd. On this day, enjoy the original taste of dessert, which gracefully balances between spice and carrot sweetness.


Carrots were actively used for cooking during medieval Europe, in particular for desserts. Dishes from this vegetable turned out to be quite sweet due to the content of natural sugars in it. Carrots were used as a natural sweetener along with beets, since sugar was scarce in the Middle Ages and its price was high.

There are many theories about the origin of this dessert. One of them attributes authorship to the Italian Picasho. Another tells that this dessert was prepared by the personal chef of Louis the 16th. He wrote down the recipe in his book to pass it on to his descendants.

The rise in popularity of Carrot Cake occurred in Great Britain during World War II. Sugar was a problem, and carrot cake didn’t require a lot of ingredients to make. Around the 60s of the 20th century, the dessert appeared in the United States, after which its distribution was unstoppable.

Interesting facts

  • Carrot cake is popular with people who want to indulge in a sweet treat but are on a low-calorie diet. Calorie content of 100 g of a dish is 250 kcal.
  • Carrot cake was popular among the knights.
  • Carrots are a very healthy vegetable that contains a large amount of vitamin A and minerals. The product allows you to strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve vision, due to the content of natural antioxidants improves the condition of the skin and hair.

How to celebrate

Get together for National Carrot Cake Day with family or friends, and go to a cafe or restaurant to order carrot cake from professional chefs. If you love cooking, you can make your own dessert. You can easily find a variety of recipes on the Internet.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Find out from other users when they first tried this dish and what impression it left.

When is National Carrot Cake Day celebrated in 2024?

National Carrot Cake Day is observed on February 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday February 3 2024
Monday February 3 2025
Tuesday February 3 2026
Wednesday February 3 2027