Name Your PC Day - November 20
Sun, Nov 20, 2022

Name Your PC Day

Name Your PC Day is celebrated on November 20 in America. The holiday is a joke, however, let’s look at it differently. We spend most of our time with the computer: studying, playing games, watching movies. The device is a faithful companion, so in fairness it needs a name!


The holiday was created by an unknown person, but he definitely sat at the computer for a long time, so he decided to give it a special name. It is believed that the first computing device was created in the 1600s – a calculator. In the 1970s, the development of microprocessors took place: this allowed goods to be sold to the general public. True, initially they were acquired by lovers of technology, and ordinary people bypassed.

Now we cannot imagine one day without a computer. Habitual affairs will acquire a completely different perspective, enterprises will suffer. This is not to mention that you will not be able to play the usual shooter on the big screen. Better not to think about it!

Interesting facts

It is curious that:

  • The first ENIAC computer weighed 27 tons! It occupied 167 sq.m;
  • the first computer mouse was invented by American engineer Doug Engelbart;
  • 80% of emails sent per day are spam;
  • the hard disk was created in 1980, its volume was only 5 megabytes;
  • when you look at the screen, you blink about 7 times per minute;
  • it is possible to work on a PC even if no software is loaded into it. True, you need to have certain skills.

How to celebrate

The best way is to give a nickname to an electronic friend. Show your imagination, come up with a gender, choose a name that impresses. Take the device to a service center and clean your mouth with dust, follow the recommendations of the masters. Buy a new PC if the old one has problems and celebrate the date with your friends.

When is Name Your PC Day celebrated in 2022?

Name Your PC Day is observed on November 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday November 20 2022
Monday November 20 2023
Wednesday November 20 2024
Thursday November 20 2025
Friday November 20 2026

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