Mummer's Parade - January 1
Mon, Jan 1, 2024

Mummer’s Parade

If you haven’t seen Mummers Parade, then you haven’t really felt the New Year! The event takes place on January 1 in Philadelphia and is colorful. People from all over the country rush to the grand show.


It is believed that masquerade customs were brought to the United States by settlers. In Europe, it was customary to dress up for Christmas with the whole family and have fun. At the new place of residence, no one refused the idea – over time, it became a good tradition. Out of habit, early European immigrants celebrated the holiday even with volleys from weapons!

Not everyone liked this noise and fuss. This is the reason for the prohibition of events in 1808. However, people accustomed to fun held parades underground. In 1859, the decree was annulled and the festivities became relevant again. It is noteworthy that during the time of prohibitions there was not a single person who would receive punishment for violation.

The first Mummers Club was founded in the distant 40s of the last century. This gave impetus to the creation of other similar societies. They competed with each other, overshadowed other processions, invented amazing costumes, tried to be better than the previous year.

Interesting facts

Amazing moments about Mummers Parade:

  • mostly men participate in it – there are very few women;
  • the winner of the carnival receives a small cash prize;
  • since 1980, it can be held not on the street, but in the Convention Center – this is relevant when it is severely cold outside;
  • over time, the authorities went over to the side of the holiday, so they are happy to support the movement;
  • if earlier only the most cheerful and active took part, today people of serious professions have joined: doctors, lawyers, businessmen.

How to celebrate

It’s really hot in Philadelphia today despite the winter season! People have fun, get adrenaline, make fun of their rivals and strive to win. Tourists and locals enjoy watching the show, filming it.

When is Mummer’s Parade celebrated in 2024?

Mummer’s Parade is observed on January 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 1 2024
Wednesday January 1 2025
Thursday January 1 2026
Friday January 1 2027