Manufacturing Day - October
Fri, Oct 7, 2022

Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day is celebrated on the first Friday of October and opens its doors to celebrate the success of the American manufacturing sector! The date was created not only for those who enter this sphere, but also for the inhabitants who observe it from afar. Today, people are coming together to talk about the importance of processes at the local, national and global levels.


The Manufacturers Association of America founded the holiday in 2012. The official proclamation was signed by Donald Trump in 2019. This is the start of over 200 successful events in the Midwest! The work done covered the public, students, businessmen, teachers and all those who are not indifferent. In subsequent years, the popularity only grew, and the number of participants increased exponentially.

Fairs, exhibitions, factory tours, seminars are held at the highest level. Many Americans are looking forward to announcements of what to expect from the founders in the coming year. During the month, people interested in technology plunge into the magical sphere, absorb information, develop and thank for the organization.

Interesting facts

Notably, industry in America:

  • plays a key role in creating jobs and the quality of life of the population;
  • is one of the most advanced in the world;
  • by 2030 will increase the number of jobs by 4 million;
  • inspire the future workforce.

How to celebrate

Follow the ongoing events, invite your friends and colleagues – it will be interesting! Tell the employer that you would like to take part in the holiday, offer fresh ideas. Find like-minded people – this is easy to do on social networks in thematic communities. If you work on machines, make sure they are inspected so that they last as long as possible!

When is Manufacturing Day celebrated in 2022?

Manufacturing Day is observed on the first Friday in October each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday October 7 2022
Friday October 6 2023
Friday October 4 2024
Friday October 3 2025
Friday October 2 2026