Love Litigating Lawyers Day - August 31
Sat, Aug 31, 2024

Love Litigating Lawyers Day

We celebrate Love Litigating Lawyers Day on August 31st to express respect and gratitude to lawyers. A Gallup poll in 2014 showed that public perception of the legal profession is turning into an increasingly negative one, with only 21% of respondents believing that lawyers are truly honest and ethical professionals.


Love Litigating Lawyers Day was established by the American Bar Association Practice Council in October 2015. This is a day to recognize the efforts and merits of the legal profession in protecting the public good and administering justice. The resolution aims to eliminate stereotypes from popular culture about lawyers, who are often portrayed as heartless, cruel, corrupt and completely uncaring about their clients. We should remember what a significant contribution lawyers have made to society, diligently defending people in even minor court cases, resolving disputes and helping people better understand the law. Without lawyers, we would not have a legal society!

Interesting facts

Actors Gerard Butler and Rebel Wilson, TV journalist and presenter Megyn Kelly, and Italian singer Andrea Bocelli are all lawyers by education.

How to take part

Celebrate Love Litigating Lawyers Day:

  1. Change the way you think about the legal profession and what these people do for a living. Try to get this information first hand by visiting people in the legal system that you know personally to understand and therefore appreciate their efforts.
  2. Thank your lawyer or other members of the legal profession who worked for your interests. This could be a lawyer, a notary, a legal assistant – any of these people who professionally and honestly tried to help you.
  3. If you are a lawyer, consider occasionally supporting charitable causes and doing volunteer work. This will strengthen your reputation and raise the status of your profession in the eyes of society. Does the thought of free work bother you? Even quite spoiled with money and gifts, ancient Roman lawyers often worked for free, helping fellow citizens for the sake of reputation!

When is Love Litigating Lawyers Day celebrated in 2024?

Love Litigating Lawyers Day is observed on August 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday August 31 2024
Sunday August 31 2025
Monday August 31 2026