International Rabbit Day - September
Sat, Sep 23, 2023

International Rabbit Day

International Rabbit Day is held every year on the fourth Saturday of September. In 2022, this falls on September 24th. The holiday is dedicated to funny animals that bring joy and become friends. On this day, millions of people around the world talk about the dangers rabbits face.


Rabbits are absolutely harmless and defenseless, they need not just attention and care, but protection. They need a comfortable, safe habitat. In addition, they are prone to diseases, so it is also necessary to create a healthy environment for them. Since rabbits are often chosen as pets, it is especially important to know how to care for them, what to feed them, and how to protect them from diseases. This is what International Rabbit Day is about.

Interesting Facts

  • Rabbits are one of the most common animals on the planet; they can be found in almost every country.
  • Archaeologists have discovered fossils that suggest rabbits existed approximately 40 million years ago and originated in Asia.
  • On different continents, you can find different breeds. The most popular is European. European rabbits appeared about 4000 years ago in Spain.
  • Initially, they were bred for fur and meat, but gradually people got used to these cute animals and today they often become pets.

How to take part

If there is a child in your family, make them happy with a rabbit. They will surely become great friends. Caring for a pet teaches a child to be attentive, caring, kind, and disciplined. Visit a farm where the animals live. This will allow you to learn more about proper care for them. Donate money or time to an organization that cares about the welfare of rabbits.

When is International Rabbit Day celebrated in 2023?

International Rabbit Day is observed on the fourth Saturday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 23 2023
Saturday September 28 2024
Saturday September 27 2025
Saturday September 26 2026