International Corgi Day - June 4
Tue, Jun 4, 2024

International Corgi Day

Cute animals that resemble muffins and their loving owners celebrate International Corgi Day on June 4. Short legs, elongated bodies, cute muzzles, and high ears make these dogs easy to recognize. These sociable, friendly pets can become loyal defenders and zealously protect their owners and territory.

The History

This breed was bred by Scottish pastoralists in the 12th century. The dogs were intended for protecting and herding sheep on pastures and coped well with these duties. They bit the legs of sheep that were straying from the flock and returned scattered animals to the herd. In the winter of 2011, the Omaha Corgi Crew organization was created by a small group of friends and like-minded people who stood up for abandoned corgis. This wonderful holiday attracts dog owners and those who plan to get a pet and find a real friend. Many corgis, despite their charming appearance and easy-going nature, are strays and in need of help.

Interesting Facts

Common varieties of the breed: Pembroke Welsh (small and light) and Cardigan (large and heavy).

  1. Corgis can detect the smell of human diseases associated with an increase in blood sugar levels.
  2. Stephen King’s favorite pet is a corgi. The famous and talented writer takes pictures with him at home, on the porch, and shares the pictures on his blog.
  3. The breed’s name comes from the Scandinavian word kurra, meaning growl.
  4. A fascinating legend says that in ancient times, the corgis lived with fairies, patronesses of the forests. The mythical creatures used the dogs as warhorses, fixing saddles on their backs and riding them. Once, while fairies were burying the dead, they were accidentally caught by children walking in the forest. The saddened fairies gave the kids two puppies, and the children brought them into their house.

A thoroughbred corgi can cost its new owner $600-1000.

How to Take Part

Support the Omaha Corgi project financially. Collected funds go to feeding the dogs, veterinary care, finding homes, and hosting stray dogs.

Share information about corgis, and visit events held in parks. Breeders and owners often gather to organize festivals or shows. Surrounded by large numbers of cute dogs, it quickly turns into an effective psychotherapy session. The dogs get along well with children.

Corgis do not tolerate loneliness well. They can get very sad, as they do better being surrounded by people and animals. Think about this if you want to become a happy owner of this joyful, devoted pet. They need communication and company.

When is International Corgi Day celebrated in 2024?

International Corgi Day is observed on June 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday June 4 2024
Wednesday June 4 2025
Thursday June 4 2026
Friday June 4 2027
Sunday June 4 2028
Monday June 4 2029

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