International Bath Day - June 14
Fri, Jun 14, 2024

International Bath Day

Today, most people mainly shower, so as not to waste time. However, June 14 – International Bath Day – is an excellent occasion to take a bath, with some foam, and relax. For millions of those who join in on this wonderful holiday, this is an opportunity to enjoy splashing about, as well as to do something pleasant for themselves.


It’s not just that a day in the holiday calendar was dedicated to bathing. In many cultures and religions, bathing is associated with a ritual of physical and, more importantly, spiritual cleansing.

Why is International Bath Day celebrated on June 14th? It is believed it was on this day that Archimedes, while taking a bath, realized how to calculate the volume of a body – it is enough to immerse it in water. According to legend, an event took place a week before the first day of summer. The Greeks used the astronomical calendar, according to which summer began on June 21, so a week earlier would have been June 14.

Interesting Facts

  • In the 11th century, the ritual of knighting began with bathing – the soldier was cleansed before heaven.
  • International Bath Day is a wonderful occasion not only to take a bath but also to learn more about Archimedes, because it is thanks to him we have the opportunity to celebrate the bath day today.
  • Showers use much less water than baths.
  • The oldest bath was found in Greece It is about 3,500 years old, and was used by the queen. The bath was a simple heat-treated tub of clay.

How to take part

Make your own or purchase handmade soap. Today, the Internet has a huge selection of recipes with a variety of flavors and ingredients. You can add essential oil, salt, or bath foam to the water.

The easiest way to celebrate International Bath Day is to visit a sauna in the company of friends.

When is International Bath Day celebrated in 2024?

International Bath Day is observed on June 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday June 14 2024
Saturday June 14 2025