I Hate Coriander Day - February 24
Sat, Feb 24, 2024

I Hate Coriander Day

I Hate Coriander Day is a worldwide holiday that supports people’s negative opinions about coriander. You can openly broadcast your dislike of the seasoning, because you will be supported by thousands of people. The holiday is celebrated annually on February 24.


Coriander is thought to have come to Europe from the Eastern Mediterranean with the Roman conquerors (around 100 AD). In the 15th century it actively spread throughout the European countries, and was brought to the territory of America. Today, coriander is used in cooking, cosmetology, and soap making.

Coriander as a spice is the crushed seeds of the plant of the same name. The I Hate Coriander Day celebration began in 2013, when a Facebook group was created for coriander opponents. It sounds pretty ridiculous, but today it has over 200,000 members.

According to studies by scientists, more than 10% are ardent opponents of coriander. It tastes like soap to them, so no use of the seasoning in cooking is out of the question. This dislike is thought to be due to the OR6A2 gene in humans, which alters receptor perception. The purpose of the holiday also has a very practical meaning – in restaurants and cafes should indicate in the composition of dishes coriander necessarily, so that customers can see what dish they should not order.

Interesting facts

  • Most of the opponents of coriander are of European origin.
  • “Stink bug” is how the name coriander is deciphered, if you analyze the Greek origin of the word.
  • The global dislike of coriander gave rise to its other name – “the devil’s herb.

How to celebrate

If you don’t like coriander, you can become a member of the “I Hate Coriander” group. Share your experience of trying this seasoning for the first time and what exactly you didn’t like. Talk to other users about your favorite spices.

When is I Hate Coriander Day celebrated in 2024?

I Hate Coriander Day is observed on February 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday February 24 2024
Monday February 24 2025
Tuesday February 24 2026
Wednesday February 24 2027