Hurray for Buttons Day - May 9
Thu, May 9, 2024

Hurray for Buttons Day

Hurray for Buttons Day is an annual American holiday created in honor of buttons. These small items with several holes for threads are attached to clothing or bags, then sewn on and act as fasteners. It falls on May 9. Also on this day we celebrate badges made of metal or plastic, which have a similar design and are used for decoration or as an identifying symbol.


The story of Hurray for Buttons Day begins with an initiative by Hobbies Magazine, a print publication. It initiated a hobby show where people could share their accomplishments and present their hobbies. Some of the participants demonstrated a collection of buttons, which was then the reason for creating a separate holiday. Fans of button collecting, also celebrate the holiday!

Buttons are mostly round (can be square, oval and other). Different materials can be used for their manufacture, but most often we find plastic and metal products. Buttons have been used as fasteners since the 1400s and after spread all over Europe, as well as another type of fastener – buttonholes. They are believed to have been invented in Germany by weavers.

Interesting facts

  • During excavations in the Indus Valley, there was a 7,000-year-old button. A seashell was used to create it.
  • In 1844 a special uniform was introduced for police officers in New York City, the distinguishing feature was the presence of brass buttons.
  • Buttons used to be able to withstand a load of about 2-4 kg. Modern products will come off at a load of 500 grams or even less.

How to celebrate

Visit the button shows today if you can. Buy yourself some new buttons or sew-on badges. You can also buy new clothes that will have buttons.

Spread the word about the holiday on social media. Ask users, do they have a lot of things with buttons?

When is Hurray for Buttons Day celebrated in 2024?

Hurray for Buttons Day is observed on May 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday May 9 2024
Friday May 9 2025

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