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On July 9, Bahá’ís celebrate Martyrdom of the Bab from the evening until July 10. This holiday was established in memory of the execution of one of the founders of the Baha’i faith. During the holy day, the work and study of believers is suspended.

The History

On July 9, 1850, the 30-year-old Báb was accused of apostasy and sentenced to death by firing squad on the orders of the Prime Minister of the Persian Empire. Apostasy means giving up one’s religious faith. There are many mysteries and speculations around the execution of the Báb. Some reports state that the Báb was executed along with one of his companions by being hung from a wall, then they were shot. When the smoke from the shots cleared, the executed man was not at the wall. According to rumors, he was found in the prison room, where he dictated to the secretary. According to some stories, the Báb survived the first execution but was killed by the second.

After death, the body of the deceased was transported by followers to different places in order to avoid desecration of the remains. He was finally buried in the Shrine of the Bab in Haifa.

Interesting facts

On the occasion of the holiday, we recall the following facts:

  • in 1844 the Báb declared himself a Gate, claiming to be a Messenger;
  • in 1896, Mirza Mihdi Khan Zaimud-Daulih published “The Key to the Gates of the Gate”, where he spoke in detail about the treasury;
  • in 1909 the remains of the Báb were moved to the tomb.

How to celebrate

To celebrate Martyrdom of the Bab, you need to learn more about such an ancient belief as the Bahá’ís. There are many adherents of this pre-Islamic religion in the world, some live in the USA. You can visit your local Baha’i center and interact with the people who regularly attend. In addition, you can personally observe the religious practices of the Baha’is, the various rites in the Baha’i temple, which is easy to find using a Google search.

When is Martyrdom of the Bab celebrated in 2022?

Martyrdom of the Bab is observed on July 9 each year.