Global Employee Health and Fitness Month - May 1
Wed, May 1, 2024

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month is a global holiday dedicated to keeping employees healthy. It is designed to spread the word about the importance of getting enough exercise and eating right to stay healthy on a demanding workday. Various celebrations take place throughout the month and hundreds of thousands of companies around the world are affected. It is celebrated annually on May 1.


The history of Global Employee Health and Fitness Month begins in 1989, when the initiative to establish such a holiday was made by the NAHF organization. The main directions of its activities are to spread the ideas of a healthy lifestyle, organize various sporting events, informative lectures about healthy nutrition, etc.

It is a proven fact that with age, fewer and fewer workers pay enough attention to physical activity and proper nutrition. Work routines consume them, giving the impression that there is absolutely no time at all. This is a big mistake that can lead to serious health problems. Proper nutrition and exercise will improve the body’s stress tolerance, help to feel better and give you energy. For this reason, it is necessary to give at least 2 times a week to physical activity, and it is worth reconsidering your diet.

Interesting facts

  • Regular exercise and a balanced diet have been shown to reduce the likelihood of serious illness after age 40 by 65%.
  • All employers must strictly enforce workplace safety requirements in their facilities to minimize the likelihood of employee occupational diseases and the risk of occupational accidents.
  • It is recommended that you walk about 8,000 steps each day.

How to celebrate

Dedicate the day to exercise. Revise your diet and daily schedule. Allow yourself an hour or two for active rest, so you can relieve accumulated stress and give your body some benefits.

Spread the word about the holiday on social networks. Find out from users how they combine work and sports. Do they stick to proper nutrition?

When is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month Celebrated in 2024?

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. Is observed on May 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday May 1 2024
Thursday May 1 2025