Holiday Get to Know Your Customer Day
Fri, Jul 21, 2023

Get to Know Your Customer Day

Get to Know Your Customer Day is a wonderful holiday to sincerely thank customers for their loyalty to a company. The holiday is celebrated every quarter, on the third Thursday of January, April, July, October. It is important for companies to maintain regular relationships with customers; this increases trust and loyalty to the brand and improves service. Also, the mission of Get to Know Your Customer Day is to remind small businesses and large companies that the customer is the top priority.

The History

There is no reliable data about the founder of the holiday. It probably appeared when online stores began to crowd out conventional outlets. A physical store has direct contact with customers, which online trading does not have. It is especially important for an entrepreneur who developing an internet business to stay in contact with customers and maintain their interest in the product. The holiday is useful for both the seller and the customer.

5 ways to learn about your customers

  • Use the power of social networks. Create thematic communities or groups for your users. In such forums, you can discover the opinions of users, take it into account, and track reviews.
  • Hire clients. Only among clients you will find specialists who are sincerely passionate about your idea and product.
  • Use customer stories in commercials. Such stories are more credible because they are sincere.
  • Respond to reviews. The company must give the impression of being alive. Also, feedback is a way to demonstrate respect for the client.
  • Polls. The best way to find out is what buyers are really interested in. This encourages the person to come back and make a repeat purchase.

How to take part

It depends on your imagination. Organize a mailing list with thank-you letters, hold special offline events like presentations or lectures. Pranks and quizzes are common – a great way not only to thank and keep existing customers but also to attract new ones.

To increase brand awareness, limited edition products with the company logo can be produced. Summer weather allows you to hold personal meetings with clients; think over the theme, treats, drinks, and entertainment.

You can also organize a discount day and promotional offers. A great way to keep in touch with customers is social networks.

When is Get to Know Your Customer Day Celebrated in 2023?

Get to Know Your Customer Day is dedicated to celebrating success. It has always been observed every year on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October.


Year Month Day Weekday
2023 January 19 Thursday
2023 April 20 Thursday
2023 July 20 Thursday
2023 October 19 Thursday

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