Durga Ashtami
Mon, Oct 3, 2022

Durga Ashtami

Durga Ashtami is one of the large-scale celebrations of Hindu culture. Especially brightly celebrated in West Bengal. The image of the goddess Durga with ten hands on top of a lion has become synonymous with female power. The date falls on the 8th day of the Navratri festival. During this period, idols of the deity decorate apartments, offices and buildings, people fast and offer prayers.


The people of India celebrate the day to receive blessings, money, success and get rid of ailments. In general, most of the local holidays are somehow connected with wealth. People always turn to higher powers before making an investment, buying a property or investing money in any business. They believe that if this happened on a special date, then prosperity and well-being await them.

Durga Ashtami takes place in the month of Ashvin, which is familiar not only in India but also in neighboring countries. A little about the goddess herself: according to legend, Durga defeated the terrible monster Mahishasura with the help of a trident. This victory could only belong to a female fighter due to the blessing of Brahma.

Interesting facts

Did you know that:

  • 10 hands in the image represent numerous shakti (forces);
  • it is believed that the goddess descends from heaven every year and visits the house of her parents;
  • to create idols, clay is collected from the banks of the Ganges River;
  • we already wrote that fasting is auspicious on this day, but many people cook delicacies and set rich tables. Moreover, this is not forbidden – it is believed that everyone is free to do what he considers necessary on a holiday.

How to celebrate

If you are in India, be sure to look at the Shiva temple – feel the energy on this holiday and promise that you will follow the path of goodness. Learn the legends surrounding Durga, share them with loved ones or discuss them on social networks. In the wee hours, place sandalwood or flowers near the idols.

When is Durga Ashtami celebrated in 2022?

Weekday Month Day Year
Monday October 3 2022
Sunday October 22 2023
Thursday October 10 2024
Sunday September 28 2025
Monday October 19 2026

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