Cellophane Tape Day - May 27
Mon, May 27, 2024

Cellophane Tape Day

Cellophane Tape Day is an American holiday dedicated to cellophane tape. Thanks to this invention we can easily connect several objects with each other, wrap something, form a bouquet of flowers, tie up a cardboard box so it does not open, etc. It is celebrated annually on May 27.


The history of Cellophane Tape Day is not known. It was created in honor of this invention. Its creator is believed to be Richard G. Drew. In 1920, while working for an automobile company, he developed adhesive tape for cars.

Four years after this incident, Richard took a closer look at a newly developed material like cellophane. He wanted to use it to make adhesive tape. The material was used for packaging various products. Its main advantages were transparency and moisture resistance. When he came up with the idea he asked a painter from an automobile company to apply more glue to the resulting cellophane tape. This is how this invention, also often referred to as Scotch tape, came about.

Interesting facts

  • The adhesive for adhesive tapes of all materials is made on a polymer basis and is characterized by its resistance to drying. When the tape is assembled in a circular shape, the molecular forces are too small to glue the wound tape together securely. Therefore, we can easily tear off the desired piece to glue it somewhere else.
  • The famous TV show “Mythbusters” devoted three whole episodes to scotch, which tested the most unexpected myths associated with it!
  • Since 2005, the town of Avon, Ohio has had a festival dedicated to duct tape!

How to celebrate

Find out more information about the varieties of duct tape that exist. Check your stationery kit, it may be time to buy a new pack of cellophane tape.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask users, how often do they use duct tape in their lives?

When is Cellophane Tape Day celebrated in 2024?

Cellophane Tape Day is observed on May 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday May 27 2024
Tuesday May 27 2025