World Spine Day - October 16
Sun, Oct 16, 2022

World Spine Day

October 16 is World Spine Day. Back pain is one of the most common causes of disability. On this day, people share their back problems. Everyone on the planet understands what kind of unpleasant pain we are talking about: a crunch in the back when lifting heavy objects, pain in the neck after improper sleep.


World Spine Day was initiated by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) in 2008. The WFC is coordinating the event, teaming up with other organizations to raise awareness about back pain and other spinal issues. This is very important because millions of people suffer from back pain but do not have access to health care resources or lack awareness, which leads to complications and disability.

Every year, in a humorous theme, attention is focused on discussions of the events of the day. The first World Spine Day was held under the slogan “Stand up and move.” In 2017, the WFC chose the theme “Your back in action”. Each year, a theme is chosen for this international day.

Interesting facts

  • in October 2012, the first official World Spine Day would be held;
  • the spine has more than 120 muscles, which gives it such flexibility;
  • the spine has an excellent memory, it remembers your posture, which makes it difficult to get rid of it later;
  • humans and giraffes have an equal number of vertebrae in their necks;
  • In the womb, the spine is the first bone to form.

How to celebrate

You should always do back warm-ups and different types of exercises for the back, try something new this day: for example, hot yoga, it improves the health of both the neck and back. Ride a bike or go for a run with friends. Health fairs and seminars are held on World Spine Day, where they tell how to maintain a healthy spine. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of these events. If you are a doctor and know how to properly monitor your spine, share your tips on social networks. If you wish, it is you who can organize one of the World Spine Day fairs in your city.

When is World Spine Day celebrated in 2022?

World Spine Day is observed on October 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 16 2022
Monday October 16 2023
Wednesday October 16 2024
Thursday October 16 2025
Friday October 16 2026