Single Tasking Day - February 22
Thu, Feb 22, 2024

Single Tasking Day

Single Tasking Day is an annual American holiday celebrating single-tasking. This approach to creating your daily routine has long been known in society and is the exact opposite of multitasking. It is celebrated on February 22.


The creation of Single Tasking Day is dedicated to the morning habit of doing one specific task. It is believed that this approach allows you to successfully start a new day, and the realization of a small victory energizes you for the whole day.

Single-tasking is a person’s ability to devote his time to one task. Rest intervals should be kept to a minimum, otherwise it may turn out that the whole day will be devoted to one thing, which will not be done until the end.

For a long time, the idea of multitasking has been actively promoted in society. It was believed that this approach allowed you to be productive throughout the day and achieve significant success. However, studies by psychologists have proven that multitasking is not effective, and the body is experiencing serious physical and emotional overload. In the end, this is fraught with professional burnout and lingering depression.

Interesting facts

  • Single-tasking leads to lower stress levels. You no longer need to switch between different things, provoking stressful situations.
  • Single-tasking allows you to focus on a specific task, which allows you to perform it better.

How to celebrate

Revise your daily to-do schedule on Single Tasking Day. Make sure that you dedicate each day to performing one, maximally important task as much as possible. Small tasks that take no more than half an hour can be combined. Try this approach, and you’ll see how much easier it becomes to work!

Spread the word about the holiday on social media. Ask other users which approach they use more often: single-tasking or multitasking?

When is Single Tasking Day celebrated in 2024?

Single Tasking Day is observed on February 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday February 22 2024
Saturday February 22 2025
Sunday February 22 2026
Monday February 22 2027